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Linked To Project: Siyakwazi Early Childhood Development Programme

Zakhona's StoryZakhona’s Story.
Many of the ECD centres that Siyakwazi partners with are becoming more confident in inclusive practices and ensuring that all children, including children with disabilities, are given the opportunity to learn. Zakhona at Fundukuzenzela has shown an amazing insight into making learning as practical as possible despite the various challenges. Her ability to ensure that all children are taking part in activities, puzzles, games and creative play, with very limited physical space, is impressive.

Bomi’s Story
Bomi, a Grade R teacher at Thongasi Primary, conducted a writing research project among her learners and some Grade 2 learners. Through this research project, Bomi identified that the children could not read or write their own names. Over 5 days, she implemented various activities which aimed to teach pupils to write and read their names. About 95% of the pupils, including the 3 pupils who have learning difficulties, improved dramatically after just one week of putting her plan into action. Bomi felt that “the learners were participating more.”Bomi's Story
Bomi is thinking of a new activity to implement this year which focusses on getting much-needed resources. She would like to see children participating in different puzzles and learn about new topics.
Thandie's StoryThandiwe’s Story
Thandiwe, diagnosed with Autism, has many needs that require specialised and on-going care. Her mother is extremely dedicated and is always willing to learn new ways that will assist Thandiwe. The Siyakwazi team recently helped Thandiwe’s mom to communicate with Thandiwe through using signs for things she likes. This story is proof that all children can learn.


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